My name is Emma!

It has always been in my blood to support and uplift others.

Becoming a Doula was truly a calling from my heart. Once I dipped my toes in, I knew that this was the perfect path for me and I took a running leap into the birthing community. I recieved my Doula training, in both Birth and Postpartum, through the Simkin Center at Bastyr University in 2016.

I completed my 100- hr Prenatal Yoga Training at Seattle Holistic Center in 2017. I believe that being a Prenatal Yoga Instructor is a perfect complement to my work as a Doula.

Whether you are a Doula client or attending a yoga session, I hope each woman can walk away feeling empowered that she is going to be the perfect mother to her baby.

During my free time I enjoy curling up in the sun with a good book, hiking and cooking.

W H A T – I S – A – D O U L A ?

A doula is a trained birth or postpartum companion who provides one-on-one emotional, physical and informational support before, during and/or after childbirth. A doula has yours and your family’s best interest at heart. Often the pregnant woman or new mother is bombarded with information about the “right way” to have and take care of her baby. Having a doula can provide the mother with evidence based information on current maternity care and help to advocate for the mother and partners wishes.

Read more about what a birth doula can do for you in my services section!

P R E N A T A L – Y O G A

Pregnancy is physically and emotionally taxing on the body. Taking the time to step on to your yoga mat can be a great way to connect with your changing body and your baby! I work on marrying the breath with the movements of the body to create a greater awareness of the strength that each woman carries inside herself. I weave information about the changing body and labor techniques into every practice to allow the mother to walk away feeling educated and empowered for the next stage of her life.

M O M – A N D – B A B Y – Y O G A

Postpartum yoga is a great way to re-connect to your mind and body after pregnancy. During a postpartum yoga class we focus on regaining strength in the abdominal walls, pelvic floor and opening of the chest and shoulders. Incorporating your sweet baby into the class is a new way for you two to connect together. We embrace diaper changes, feedings and fussy babes during all classes.

* Always check with your provider before starting any physical activity *
Serving Doula and Yoga Clients in Snohomish County and parts of Skagit/ King County.