Becoming a Doula was truly a calling from my heart…


As far back as I can remember I have been caring and looking after others. From helping my Mother care for babies and young children in a daycare,  to countless years as a nanny and even working at a nursing home for 5+ years – nurturing others has always came naturally to me.

Leaving my corporate job in 2016 and feeling a little lost on where to go next, I began to tap into yoga and meditation more regularly. I began to discover and trust in my intuition. So when the word Doula kept coming up in random coincidences – I trusted it was something to lean into.

I researched. I bought and read a book. I felt something deep inside of me telling me to dive into the Doula world.

Personally witnessing loved ones struggle with postpartum depression and birth trauma that past year, I felt called to learn more about how I could help – not only them, but other families moving through these same difficulties.

Without a second thought, I signed up for both the Birth and Postpartum Doula training through the Simkin Center at Bastyr University. Taking those trainings only solidified what I was feeling in my heart; this was my calling – this was the path I was meant to take.

Yoga was becoming such an important part of my life. I felt drawn to learn more about how yoga could support the pregnant body, mind and growing baby. On a whim I signed myself up for a Prenatal Yoga Training at Sri Janani Yoga (Seattle Holistic Center). This training only continued to open my eyes to the beauty of birth and the miraculous human body. I gained extensive knowledge about the anatomy and both physical and emotional changes happening to the pregnant and postpartum body.

But more importantly I felt empowered by the strong women leading and surrounding me during that training. They uplifted and encouraged me to overcome my fears. This is something I will be forever grateful for. Being extended an offer to teach at Sri Janani Yoga is truly an honor. I have taught there now for over 3 years! It has become more than a job, more than a community, but a family and a second home.

Each year as a Doula and Yoga Instructor I continue to be reaffirmed that I am following the right path and the fire underneath me to best support my community only grows stronger.

Serving Doula and Yoga Clients in Snohomish County and parts of Skagit/ King County.