Postpartum Doula Support


The 4th trimester is often met with the pressure from society to return to “normal” – to bounce back to pre-pregnancy productiveness, pre-pregnancy weight, and pre-pregnancy good spirits. But, there is an importance in slowing down in the immediate postpartum period. In that slowing down you give yourself, and family, the time to adjust and integrate the physical and emotional changes that occur during this major transitional period. As the weeks pass by you’ll begin to learn a new pace of life with your newborn – slowly but surely finding your families rhythm.

As your Postpartum Doula, I will ensure that in that the new mother is taking the time to rest, nourish and heal her body. That she has the space to bond and learn all about her newborn – in return gaining the confidence that she needs to mother in her own way. I hope to create an environment where not only the baby is nurtured and cared for, but so is the new mother and family.

F E E :


S E R V I C E S – I N C L U D E :

  • Birth Processing
  • Sleep and rest support
  • Validation of emotional and physical changes
  • Breastfeeding support for baby(ies), mother and family
  • Meal/ snack prep and preparation
  • Integration of the family (co-parent, siblings)
  • Small errands
  • Baby/sibling laundry
  • Light household tidying
  • Simple pet care
  • Optional: Postpartum Yoga Session(s)

S H I F T S:

Currently offering – early morning, morning, afternoon, evening

4 hour minimum shifts