“We are incredibly grateful that we asked Emma to join us as our doula for the birth of our son. I first met Emma in prenatal yoga classes (where she also shines as a prenatal yoga instructor). Emma has an incredibly calming presence, and brings out the strength and calmness in the women with whom she works. She is a strong listener, and does a great job of providing suggestions during the prenatal period, labor, and the postpartum period, while simultaneously remaining free of negative judgement (which is sometimes hard to find during pregnancy!). Emma supported me during labor alongside my husband. Both of them took almost every breath with me during labor, and without this I know that my labor experience wouldn’t have gone the way that it did for me! Emma is fantastic, and I look forward to staying in touch with her into the future.” – L

“I met Emma in the prenatal yoga class she teaches at Seattle Holistic Health Center. I attended her class weekly for almost my entire pregnancy, appreciating her calming and grounded demeanor, as well as her deep knowledge of prenatal yoga.

When I learned that Emma is a doula, I instantly considered her to assist us with our birth.  It was very important to me to have someone deeply empathetic, attuned, and grounded in an understanding of movement and yoga.

We came to pregnancy through donor IVF after many years of trying to start a family and we knew that the birth could be an especially intense time for us.  It was crucial to us to have a doula who would be an advocate for our family and our baby no matter what and without judgment.  Emma was all of these things.  She supported both my husband and myself through a very challenging induced labor.  We spent several difficult days at the hospital before our beautiful baby was born, and Emma was with us emotionally every step of the way.  She stayed by our side for the entire 18 hours of my induction, and even visited us at the hospital the day before labor had started as moral and emotional support. She was simply a gem, and we feel so lucky that our baby was born with her by our side. She continued to be very present and supportive during postpartum and remains an integral part of our birth story- a loving witness.  I can’t recommend her enough.” – J